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photoThe world of a garbage man with a conscience. A lot can be hidden in a bag, the weight of bags tell a story. How weight is a clear incentive to recycle. I pay to dispose garbage.

Our local transfer stations are given the task of screening visible garbage and are not equipped to pilfer garbage.

My observations are when disposables are small enough to bag, there is (unfortunately) a conscious effort to bypass these laws. By choice, we all use our discretion about what we throw out.

Did you know well over half of my work assignments on a daily basis use poor discretion. Not necessarily intentionally though, as most of us have a conscience. It is my job to encourage these assignments to find the time to be mindful, to separate, and I take care of the rest.

Helping you ‘get’ your waste sorted … ‘truly’ being environmentally conscious

In the world of a garbage man with a conscience he knows a lot can be hidden in a bag. The weight of the bags tell a story.


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‘Here’s how weight is a clear incentive to recycle:’
I pay for weight when I dispose your garbage and then pass the costs back to you.

At our local transfer stations they are given. Current bylaws ban hundreds of small items (that can be recycled) to be disposed of as garbage. My observations…

Did you know that…?
Here is a short list of small banned recyclable items that I intercept from transparent bags bags daily: returnable drink containers, aerosol and food cans, light fixtures and light bulbs, household batteries, all kinds of electronics like clock radios and broken kitchen utensils, paper, fast food packaging, CDs, all kinds of plastic containers …the list is long.