Why not make a ‘compost sandwich?  You can nurture the earth to grow flowers and your own vegetable garden.  Over the last couple of years, the Captain has made several of these composts.  Here are some the the things I’ve learned:

What is a ‘Compost Sandwich’?

home_image5_croppedA sandwich compost is almost maintenance free and utilizes the layering of brown and green material, which in turn promotes air flow, faster migration of bugs, and reasonable turn-around for re-usable compost.  A great bottom layer for your garden bed that brings life to your garden.

This method reduces compost maintenance time because you lay it out once and it works the way you build it.  Other compost methods require more management constantly filling or emptying, tilling or turning of the material you put into it

sandwhich_compost_smallTo begin with, find a 100 – 200 square foot area to compost with.

Look for ways to contain your compost – building 2 foot walls with rock concrete blocks or wood is helpful but not necessary using this method.  You can simply layer out your material with no containment at all.   It is usually fully exposed to all elements and should be a reasonable distance from housing (100 feet or more)



First step is the laying out of layer #1 - brown material. What can you access?

Examples are dried leaves, shredded paper, chafing and wood chips. Spread out evenly.


Once layer one is in place, a 200 square foot area will handle 500 - 700 litres of green - wet grass or food waste as a layer # two. You can add this layer anytime, right away or weeks after your first one.


Layer # three is an opportunity for a courser layer such as straw, fine twigs, root balls, or simple brown will work. This layer should by applied right away as rodents, squirrels, racoons may decide to make layer # two, their dinner.

Again, spread about 3 square yards of brown material evenly. Another brown I recycle is the cotton in futon bags. It unravels evenly and provides an excellent sandwich layer that absorbs oder and caps the top - It's ineffective at keeping scavengers out if your green smells like lunch, grass, fruits and veggies are usually no problem.