Helping build better waste management solutions for your strata community

Strata Waste Management Programs

Let us reduce your garbage by helping re-directing paper, green waste, food waste, all items with cords, electronics, glass, metal and more. Informing your tenants what is recyclable and its storage is often difficult to manage without a weekly pick-up plan. We take this problem off your hands by getting involved with the service, the education about the simplest way to re-direct garbage.

Secondly, we provide the equipment to manage food waste and re-distribute clean pails. Having been set up to use a program tailored to streamline the separation on your properties, you will recognize almost immediately the results pertaining to garbage volume.

Your bins won’t fill up as quickly, less persistent odor, overflow and increased disposal cost simply won’t happen. Let us be your solution to a cleaner disposal area and greener footprint for your building and management needs.



Basic Plan

$50Per Week

  • 300 lbs. of food waste per week
  • 100 lbs. of paper/cardboard
  • 100 lbs. of electronics and lights
  • 500 lbs. total