Weekly Junk/Garbage Removal – Commercial

When is it time for a purge? How green are we really? Are we keeping the items below out of the garbage?

Your garbage collection system may not care, but you can. There are numerous items that are thrown out daily that can be recycled: Take your pick, become an active recycler, be part of the solution.




$20Up to 100lb Per Pick Up

  • 10 Min Visit
  • Great for Medium/Large Sized Businesses
  • Beverage Containers / Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper – Food Waste


$35Up to 200lb Per Pick Up

  • 20 Min Visit
  • Small/Medium Sized Businesses
  • Beverage Containers / Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper – Food Waste

On Call

$40Up to 300lb Per Pick Up

  • 30 Min Visit
  • Convenient and Flexible
  • Beverage Containers / Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper – Food Waste


Pick Up Schedule

Maple Ridge
White Rock – Langley Township
South Surrey – Langley Township
Langley – Langley Township
North Surrey, Port Kells, Fort Langley
By appointment


Will be opening areas New Westminster Burnaby and Richmond this Fall/Winter August 15 – December 31.


Captain Recycling G+ Bucket – As Low as $7 per month

Our G-Bucket Program is a low cost way to deal with the many household items that are small and compact in nature. From organics to batteries to light bulbs and more.



$7$28 per month

  • 1 Buckets


$11$22 per month

  • 2 Buckets


$15$15 per month

  • 3 Buckets

Many of the items we can help with involve:

Returnables – Pop cans, plastic drink containers
Cardboard – banned from the garbage
Paper not meant for shredding, magazines, newspaper, paper towels, coffee cups
Plastic containers – coffee lids, yogurt containers
Accepted numbers 1 – 6
Batteries – all sizes
Items with cords, electronics
Kitchen food waste, coffee grounds, tea bags (Introduce the G + bucket)
Clothing, bags, broken equipment, closet clean-up
Green waste, grass clippings, leaves, small branches


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