Spring Cleaning Season

As the Spring-cleaning season begins, Captain Recycling is offering a 1-day $25 (per) large item pick-up service – the perfect way to dispose of an old fridge, deep Freeze, TV, BBQ, couch, old mattress or any other large item that is not in use.

This may help make room for the new items you may be purchasing this spring!

Captain Recycling requires pre-booking and is available to all residents who currently live in the Surrey – Langley area. Captain Recycling will be servicing any home residence or commercial space located in the Surrey – Langley area.

Mondays – Surrey Area

Fridays – Langley Area

Pickup time(s) will be between 9:00am – 6:00pm on that specific date.

Ideally, we ask customers to have the item(s) curbside for pickup. If that is not possible, the staff can move the items from inside the house or location.

To schedule a pick-up, please call or text Captain Recycling at 604-783-1221.

Some items are restricted such as pianos, hot tubs and any item over 200 lbs. Sectional couches will be considered 2 pieces and which will cost $50. By offering this service, Captain Recycling aims to reduce public dumping and keep our City Clean.